The Difference a Professional Intervention Makes

Many families struggle with whether or not they should bring in a professional intervention counselor or try to do the intervention themselves. With a professional intervention, families are leaving no stone unturned, as well as taking the pressure off themselves. A professional intervention also gives families the education they need to greatly increase the chance of long-term sobriety for their loved one – and to make the transition comfortable.

It is not difficult to talk an addict or alcoholic into getting help. What is difficult is that without the help of a professional intervention, getting your loved one to a treatment center that is most appropriate may not be what the addict or alcoholic wants. Drug addicts and alcoholics will always pursue the path of least resistance. If our interventions were designed solely to get your loved one to admit there is a problem and accept seeing someone or going to an outpatient clinic, our job would be easy, if not pointless.

A professional interventionist is committed to bringing the family together to make a decision for their loved one the day before and then delivering the intervention the following day. The goal is to make a decision for someone who is clearly incapable of making a rational decision for himself or herself.

Because your loved one is always going to take the path of least resistance, it is important to have a professional present to handle the objections and lies from this loved one. By the time a family has called us for professional intervention help, they have been manipulated for so long that it is nearly impossible for them to do the intervention themselves and get their loved one to a treatment center they all can agree on.

Intervention Professionals vs. Amateurs

Professional Drug And Alcohol Intervention Help Heals The Whole Family - FFIFamily First Intervention takes great pride in employing accredited intervention professionals who do everything possible to help your family and bring your loved one to treatment.

We guarantee that we do not lie to the addict or make deals with your loved one as some intervention “professionals” may do just to get him or her into treatment. Lying to an addict or alcoholic is not going to help with the long-term success of the treatment, nor is it going to help the family in the long run.

Unfortunately, television shows about interventions have created a pool of what we classify as “weekend warrior” interventionists. A few things to beware of when it comes to these types of interventionists:

  • This is not an intervention professional, but merely a person without training or credentials who charges a family thousands of dollars to try to talk their loved one into treatment.
  • Most of these individuals have no websites, paperwork or manuals to guide a family through the proper training to ensure a successful outcome for your loved one.

There are some intervention practitioners who tell a drug addict or alcoholic during an intervention to go to rehab “just for a few days, and if you don’t like it, you can leave.” Yes, this practice does occur, and unfortunately it ends up with your loved one walking out the door a few days later, hanging it over your head that leaving early was always an option.

Pre-Intervention: The Family Day

The intervention professional should spend at least one day before the intervention with the family using a manual or some solid paperwork and covering what they will be doing and why, where your loved one will be going, and for how long.

Intervention professionals should be primarily concerned with ethics and integrity, keeping in mind that their main purpose is to comfort the family and bring the loved one to a treatment center by being honest, without relying on false pretenses just to “get them there.”

Other Intervention Considerations

There are a number of factors that families usually overlook when it comes to addiction, intervention and recovery. Several obstacles make it very difficult for family members to plan and execute an effective intervention on their own. Click on any of the following reasons to learn more:

Addicts Lie to Keep Using

Addicts are often more than willing to lie to their friends and family if it means they can put off getting treatment. That’s because their addiction has altered their brain chemistry and shifted their priorities around drugs or alcohol. Approaching a loved one who may need to undergo rehab can be very difficult without support from an experienced and objective third party.

Families Can Undermine Recovery

Intervention professionals are committed to bringing the family together so that loved ones can make informed health care decisions. Family members who disagree about the best course of action may compete with each other to find care or even help the loved one keep using. Families must present a unified front if they want to have any hope of guiding a loved one into treatment.

Toxic Family Dynamics Hurt Communication

By the time a family reaches out for help, they may already be stuck in a cycle of miscommunication and abuse. Existing friction between family members, for example, may be holding up the family from moving forward in recovery.

By working with a professional interventionist, families have an opportunity to clear up bad blood and simply focus on getting care for their loved one who is struggling with addiction.

Our Professional Intervention Goals and Process

Our professional interventions are designed to make loved ones accountable and to give the problem back to the addict or alcoholic while making the change for the family comfortable. It is not OK for the drug or alcohol user to continue to run the family’s lives – emotionally, financially, etc.

The hardest part for families is struggling with the idea of doing the intervention themselves. Almost all of the calls we get are from families that have been in this cycle of insanity for a number of years. Oftentimes, even after consulting with us about professional interventions, they persist in attempting to fix the problem themselves. It just isn’t that easy.

Families have difficulty facing the fact they cannot fix this problem themselves and that they need to search for professional intervention help. It is OK for the family to allow us to come in and walk them through the entire process. We offer professional interventions for the purpose of comforting families and helping addicts and alcoholics accept help and get their lives back.

Families trying to do this without professional assistance are setting themselves up for failure because the loved one views everyone else as the problem and most likely harbors resentment toward family members. When an addict or alcoholic is confronted by his or her family, he or she almost always resists, denies or tries to negotiate. Give yourself a break and call for a consultation. It’s our mission to help in these situations.

The Family First Guarantee

Ethics and integrity are of the utmost important to us. We understand that dealing with addiction in the family is an exhausting, difficult time. Our goal is to make this challenging time as bearable and productive for family members as possible.

Therefore, we make the following promises to each of our clients:

  • We will not lie to family members or trick them into treatment.
  • We will not make recommendations without getting to know a family’s needs first.
  • We will not quit until the family understands long-term success strategies.
  • We will not forget that our first priority is to comfort and educate family members.

Professional Intervention Saves Lives

An addict will walk over loved ones and take advantage of the situation if no one is willing to hold him or her accountable. Here at Family First Intervention, we have years of experience in providing families with the tools they need to change that dynamic for good. By supporting family members and empowering them to hold loved ones responsible for their actions, we can effectively address addiction and save lives in the process.

Families don’t need to do it all on their own. The experts here at Family First Intervention will travel directly to your family if you need support. We’re sure you’re wondering if now is the right time to request an intervention for your loved one. Take our 15-question online quiz to get our best assessment of the situation.

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