An intervention specialist is the key to a successful intervention

Hiring an intervention specialist provides families with the best chance of success when trying to get a loved one willing to attend rehabilitation and recovery. Attempting to do an intervention on your own without a professional can result in anger, resentment and hostility from your loved one. Having a professional addiction specialist involved in the process will give you a sense of what the substance abuser is going through and also give them an understanding of what their family and friends are dealing with.  An addict or alcoholic makes everybody feel like they are the problem and that everything that goes wrong is the fault of others.  Having someone there that can handle your loved ones objections and justification is of the utmost importance.

Having an intervention specialist help with gaining perspective for everyone involved is going to allow both sides to understand they are, in actuality, on the same side. While feelings of animosity and antagonism have been running rampant over the course of your loved ones addiction, those emotions can be healed while the person who is suffering is undergoing treatment. The addict or alcoholic can learn a lot from the intervention specialist who is handling their case before heading into treatment, and the friends and family can learn as much before they are left with their own healing process.

Holding an intervention on your own can result in much more negative emotions because it is just more of the same thing the family has attempted over and over again.  Just talking to the addict or alcoholic and trying to convince them to go to treatment is not an intervention, it is a 12 step call.  Without a professional, your loved one can end up blaming the friends and family for their own addiction and push away from you even further; advancing even more into their habits of substance abuse. You want them to feel safe and understand what they are going through, so that they feel secure enough to take the help you are offering.

Our Addiction Intervention Specialists are here to help

Asking for help is a hard thing for anyone to do.  It is actually as difficult for a family to call an interventionist specialist for help as it is for your loved one to call a treatment center. A family suffers from codependency like an addict or alcoholic is suffering from their dependence upon drugs and/or alcohol. Appointing a mediator who understands both sides of this destructive problem is going to give everyone involved a chance to say their peace as well as provide hope for a new future.

Intervention Services should be executed by professionals

Hiring an addiction intervention specialist is going to give everyone involved the best chance of success in gaining a positive outcome from the meeting. Intervention services are best done by a professional who has either been through what the addict is going through and come out on top, or has enough training and education to speak practically and logically to both sides who want nothing more than to be on the same side. Having a mediator present is going to be the best chance for success for everyone participating.

Mike Loverde

As a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), member of NAATP, NAADAC, and accredited by the Pennsylvania Certification Board, Mike Loverde knows first-hand what it’s like to live life with addiction. By overcoming it, he had a calling to work with others who struggle with drug and alcohol addictions—the people who use and the families who feel helpless watching them decay.

With thousands of interventions across the United States done and many more to come, Loverde continues to own the intervention space, since 2005, by working with medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and others who need expert assistance for their patients who need intervention. To further his impact on behavioral health and maximize intervention effectiveness, Loverde is near completion of a Masters in Addiction Studies (MHS) accreditation, as well as a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC), and is committed to attaining the designation of a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

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