Anti-Drug Groups Reach Out to Families, Schools

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publicawarenessAfter her son died from a heroin overdose on September 21st, Maureen Fleming created Serenity Family Outreach. The group is devoted to helping addicts and families of addicts get the help they need to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Serenity is based in Illinois, however, there are many other similar groups across the United States. In fact, these homegrown movements are becoming more and more common as the drug problem in the country gets worse and people feel more compelled to help.

Parents or family members who have lost a loved one to a drug addiction realize that are thousands of other people going through the same tragedy, or are on the road to experiencing the same sort of loss. In order to pay tribute to the addict and help future addicts and family members, groups are being developed to fight against drug abuse. Serenity Family Outreach’s mission is to focus on helping families who struggle with the addiction of a loved one and erase the stigma of addiction.

People are often worried about addressing their addiction, or the addiction of someone they know, because of public perception. More awareness and avenues for intervention are necessary. The drug problem in the United States continues to worsen in many areas, leaving a high percentage of the population exposed to it. Educating society that those suffering from an addiction are not hopeless, degraded people is a goal of Serenity Family Outreach. Fleming believes that if her son had been more comfortable discussing his problems he would not have fell victim to an overdose.

No matter where you are located there is likely a group created to help addicts get the help they need. Serenity Family Outreach hosts two meeting a month with a focus on education and support for families going through addiction. The group is hosting two educational workshops before the summer is over. The workshops are designed to reach more than those who attend meetings and are created to reach others in the community as well.

The more public awareness of not just the problem, but also solutions, the better chance people have of overcoming substance abuse. If you would like more information about addiction, family interventions or treatment, contact us today.

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