Bipartisan Collaboration on Minimum Sentencing Laws for Nonviolent Drug Offenders

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senateEarlier, we shared information with you about Attorney General Eric Holder’s efforts to reform drug laws. The issues most in contention are mandatory minimum sentencing laws currently on the books that senselessly cost too much in terms of taxpayer dollars and precious time lost.

Now the Democrat Attorney General is getting support from unlikely sources: Libertarian Republicans. In fact, recent news includes information about a bill backed by Tea Party standout Senator Rand Paul (R – KY). Senator Paul isn’t alone, as other Republicans have shown support in both the House and Senate.

Wait, what? Democrats and Republicans working together for the betterment of society rather than fighting with each other over specialized agendas? Incredible!

A critical eye of past political stances would see direct opposition for many of these issues. This rare form of collaboration and agreement seeks to reduce minimum sentencing laws and put more power in the hands of judges to make decisions on individual levels. Are there cases where predatory people should be punished more? Probably. Are there cases where people should be given a second chance? Absolutely. The reasons for agreeing on this issue might be different, but hopefully those differences won’t stand in the way of reform.

It is refreshing to see officials working together on something that can save money and give more people an opportunity to hopefully receive treatment for their drug problems, rather than becoming an institutionalized criminal in our nation’s prison system for years.

Mike Loverde

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