Family First Intervention Announces Plan for Accountability of Addicts in the New Year

CHICAGO, IL (PRWEB) DECEMBER 29, 2015 – Fresh off the recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the record number of overdose-related deaths, Family First Intervention announces a plan to help people hold their loved ones accountable for their actions surrounding alcohol and drug addiction. Many New Years’ resolutions tend to involve health-related matters, and addiction is one of the most devastating conditions for individuals, families and communities.

An inherent factor of addiction is that people who need the help rarely ask for it without some form of outside influence. When this influence comes in the form of a professional intervention, then their chances of making the leap from being an addict into recovery much more likely. Without this type of intervention, someone or something else will eventually step in, but the consequences could be much more dire.

“Addicts and alcoholics falsely believe that they can continue their addiction and also have a happy life, but they can’t both exist at the same time. It’s up to family members and other loved ones to hold them accountable for their behavior and not continue to help them destroy their lives,” says Mike Loverde, founder of Family First Intervention.

Mike and his team of dedicated intervention specialists and counselors work with addicts and families throughout the country, and have prepared themselves to deal with the influx of people ready to make a change and work toward recovery.

“We help families achieve the understanding and resolve they need to make necessary changes so that they will no longer display unhealthy co-dependency or continue to enable the addictions. As a result of our intervention plan, addicts and their loved ones are able to begin healing.”

Family First Intervention goes beyond merely getting the addict to agree to go get help. In addition to that and helping to educate the family, they can also assist them in finding appropriate treatment facilities through their referral network at Addiction Treatment Services.

Mike Loverde

With firsthand experience with addiction, Mike Loverde is now a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), as accredited by the Association of Intervention Specialists and the Pennsylvania Certification Board. He founded Family First Intervention in 2008 and has since helped hundreds of families find intervention and addiction rehabilitation solutions.

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