Family Roles in Addiction – Infographic

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There’s no telling how close friends and family members will respond when a loved one is struggling with an addiction. Some will offer their support. Others may pretend like the problem doesn’t exist.  Regardless of whether their actions are helpful or hurtful, every member of the family will play a role in their loved one’s recovery.

This helpful infographic covers the roles that family members assume when dealing with a loved one’s substance abuse. Family members who understand these roles and the emotions behind them have a better chance of guiding their loved one toward recovery.

A combative or unsupportive family can derail efforts to guide a loved one into treatment for their addiction. That’s why many families rely on the support of a professional interventionist. The presence of a neutral, experienced professional goes a long way toward diffusing the tension and negativity that can spoil an intervention.

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Mike Loverde

Mike Loverde created Family First Intervention with a primary purpose and that is to save your loved one before it is too late and to help the family that suffers waiting for them to change. Every day we hear families tell us that they were told that there is nothing that they can do if their loved one does not want help or that they need to hit bottom and that is frustrating to me.

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