Genetic Identification Can Help with Some Addiction Treatment Protocols

doctor medsAs our knowledge of the human genome continues to increase, scientists around the world keep working on applications to more effectively treat conditions and diseases. One area of research includes assisting in the treatment of substance abuse and addiction with targeted pharmaceutical interventions.

Three key genetic markers have been identified as well as their corresponding treatments for alcohol abuse. These are the mu-opioid receptor, the glutamate receptor and the serotonin receptor. Researchers are confident that the pairing of these genes and their mutations can increase the effectiveness of prescription treatments from a reported 15 percent to a much higher level since they would be better suited for each individual.

This form of treatment has been called personalized medicine. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation field as a whole has continued seeking and implementing individualized therapies, and adding specialized medication supplements can help to further improve outcomes when used correctly.

Pharmacogenetic research has expanded into treatments for other substances than just alcohol, including cocaine, heroin and nicotine. There are so many factors present in behavioral health disorders involving drugs and alcohol that it is impossible for any single treatment to be deemed the best for all. This is why continually finding new forms of drug interventions, treatments and therapies are vital.

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Mike Loverde

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