How Different States Rank in Youth Substance Abuse

youthalcuseAccording to a recent survey, children in Connecticut are consuming more alcohol than any other state in the United States. Vermont children consumed more marijuana than most of the children in the rest of the country. The northeast in general has extremely high rates for drug and alcohol abuse among minors.

The survey was completed in 2012 and shows that children in the northeast have consumed more drugs and alcohol than those in other parts of the country. Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire were at the top of the list when it came to the amount of children consuming marijuana. Because marijuana is in the news now regarding whether or not to make it legal, it seems that more people consider it ok for children to smoke the drug.

Leaders are aware that the northeast is plagued with drugs and alcohol and are worried about their children. Top leaders from the New England states met this week to discuss and formulate plans of attack on the drug and alcohol problems among their communities.

The rest of the country did not fair well either for drug abuse among children. Children in California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado reported extremely high uses of cocaine in the past year. New Mexico also ranked highest in the amount of children reporting that they were addicted to drugs in general.

It is very clear that children in the United States are abusing drugs at a rate that is not only alarming, it is extremely dangerous. Depression often times goes hand in hand with addiction. New Mexico not only has the highest concentration of children addicted to drugs, but the state also has the highest concentration of children reporting major depressive episodes in the past year.

Smoking cigarettes has gone down among children. The survey shows a decrease in under aged smoking across the United States. Unfortunately it looks like children have traded cigarettes for drugs and alcohol in many areas. Take a look at the chart below to see how your state ranks for different categories.

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