It’s Time for a Family Intervention


How many times has a family been told they have to wait for their loved one to want help or hit bottom. Even when the family sees all the signs of addiction and negative behaviors they are still torn waiting for something to correct itself. Picking up the phone to call an intervention specialist for the family is more difficult than an addict or alcoholic calling a treatment center. You know that your loved one needs help, and you know that you need to help them but between the manipulations of the addict and the alcoholic and society telling you that you have no control, you watch the situation crumble before you. Most families wait hoping they meet that special someone or find a job that will change them for the better. Unfortunately it is not going to happen that way

Coming to the decision to do an intervention has probably taken far longer than it had to. Fact is this decision was laid out for you years before you found that first needle or starting noticing the alcohol on their breath, even if you never knew it. Like it or not, if you want your loved one to survive, you have to take the next step help hold them accountable for their addiction through a family intervention so that everything can be brought back to normal not just for your loved one but for the family they have dismantled.

Why Professional Intervention

Why a family intervention as opposed to an intervention done without professional help by just family members with no experience? With a family intervention, the family prepares professionally with the interventionist prior to meeting with your loved one the next day. The intervention is not just about talking your loved one into treatment; it is equally about changing the family system broken by the addiction.  Families become part of the enabling process through the manipulations and teachings of the addict or alcoholic.  It’s easy for them to get high on a daily basis because families provide them the means to do so, whether you’re doing so consciously or not. Yes, they’re the addict that needs treatment, but they’re never going to get better if the family continues doing the same things that made their addiction process easier. Their problem has become your problem, and it needs to be understood and treated that way.

Intervention Education

Interventions are not going to be an easy process for you and your family, not because it is a difficult process for us, but because there will be some people and family members who disagree with the intervention program and will actually try to talk the family out of it. Getting one person that needs help to accept help is far easier than convincing 5 – 10 family members with different opinions all changed by the addiction to do an intervention.

Taking this step is necessary for not only your loved one to move forward and take a different path in their life, but also for you. Once a family truly understand the intervention process, it is then much easier to follow through.

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Mike Loverde

With firsthand experience with addiction, Mike Loverde is now a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), as accredited by the Association of Intervention Specialists and the Pennsylvania Certification Board. He founded Family First Intervention in 2008 and has since helped hundreds of families find intervention and addiction rehabilitation solutions.

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