Maker of Narcan Nasal Spray Hikes Price of Saving Lives

narcanSeveral months ago many states passed laws that would allow police to carry naloxone on them to administer in emergency situations of opiate overdose. Oftentimes law enforcement are the first on the scene when someone calls 911 for a potential overdose, and a growing number of agencies are having first responders carry naloxone (in the form of a nasal spray called Narcan) in an attempt to save more lives.

This new practice has reportedly saved hundreds of lives throughout the country already, and thought to save much more as time goes on. Interestingly, as more and more police departments purchase boxes of the drug, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures it has decided to double the price, causing many police departments across the country to wonder how they would afford such an increase under already tight budgets.

“I think it’s absurd, but evidently it’s supply and demand. I wish they would just keep making it and enjoy the profits they were already reaping. It should be somewhat criminal that they’re doing it,” explained Doctor Kenneth LaVelle, who was formally a paramedic and saw many heroin and prescription painkiller overdoses and deaths throughout the years.

Amphastar, a pharmaceutical company based out of California, is the only company that manufactures Narcan and has decided that they will double the price, despite the fact that this price increase will have a crippling effect on multiple police budgets throughout the country.

While it is expected that law enforcement will continue to purchase the naloxone, it is quite a hit to the yearly budget and taxpayers are likely to be affected. As the drug problem in our country continues the to rise, this should be a time when the drug’s manufacturer lowers prices since their bulk orders are increasing.

Mike Loverde

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