National Drug Facts Week Aimed at Preventing Substance Abuse

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drugfactsFrom January 27th to February 2nd, schools around the country joined NIDA to participate in National Drug Facts Week to “shatter the myths” about alcohol and drugs. Part of the week included the widespread promotion and distribution of a booklet containing questions such as:

  • Is marijuana addictive?
  • Why do people smoke when they know it’s so bad for them?
  • What is Vicodin?
  • What do drugs do to your brain?
  • Does treatment really work?

The questions are also accompanied by many shared statements, statistics and quizzes surrounding these and many other topics about alcohol and drug abuse.

In addition to the booklet distribution and general awareness programs at schools, NIDA scientists also held web chats where students could ask questions directly, as well as a Drug IQ Challenge.

National Drug Facts Week started in 2010 and will hopefully continue as a supplement to other events aimed ad preventing teen substance abuse, such as Red Ribbon Week in October. You can find some of the highlights from this year’s events that are shared at NIDA’s website, including blogs, videos, posters and news articles.

When young people receive enough anti-drug messages delivered in ways that truly speak to them, they can and do have a major impact. Effective education is one of the most powerful forms of drug intervention available in our country. At Family First Intervention, we do our best to help educate people of all ages about drug addiction through our web content, phone counselors and of course our intervention specialists.

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