New Synthetic Drugs Raising Concerns, Causing Deaths

newsynthThe synthetic drug craze continues to move into more dangerous territory. Not only are these man-made drugs causing hallucinations, paranoia and intense anxieties in those that use these drugs, but they are also costing some people their lives.

It is very difficult for police to monitor these drugs, as they are changing all the time and are legal to sell – at least for a while. The chemists responsible for manufacturing these drugs routinely change recipes and ingredients to stay a step ahead of the authorities, so that when their current products are outlawed, they simply replace them with something new. Many of these drugs are aimed at young people, since they’re frequently sold at gas stations and convenience stores in brightly-colored packaging.

Synthetic marijuana and various types of bath salts have been around for several years, however law enforcement is seeing an increase in the use of other synthetic drugs as well. There are some new drugs that resemble bath salts as forms of speed or hallucinogens as well as synthetic opioid-like compounds.

“The last year has been quite surprising – picking up a rash of unusual drugs, new compounds. There are a lot of novel drug compounds being used in San Diego County and these synthetic drugs have dubious purity,” explained Dr. Iain McIntyre, the manager of San Diego County’s forensic toxicology laboratory.

One of the drugs being used contains acetylfentanyl as the main component, which is much stronger than heroin. It is likely that each bag or pill can have different levels and varying forms of ingredients. There is no standardization of chemical make-up or additives. This means that users who purchase the drugs month to month have no idea what they are taking, even if they purchase them from the same vendor.

There have been numerous recent reports of deaths associated with newer synthetic drugs. Additionally, when a person overdoses on acetylfentanyl, medical personnel can mistakenly assume that they are witnessing a heroin overdose, so the number could potentially be higher.

As with any other substance, someone abusing or addicted to synthetic drugs needs help. This means that some type of intervention in their lives must take place to help prevent further heartache or possibly tragedies. If you have a loved one in need of an addiction intervention, contact us today for more information.

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