Powdered Alcohol Still an Issue in Some States

palpackOver the past year there has been considerable controversy surrounding the invention of the powdered alcohol product called Palcohol. First it was approved, then it wasn’t, then it was re-approved for sale in March of this year. During this time some state officials have called for banning the substance, citing potentially dangerous uses.

Is a powdered form alcohol any more dangerous than the liquid form?

According to the Palcohol site, the concerns raised by some aren’t any more valid over the use of the liquid form, and that it is possibly even safer in many of those cases. However, the potential attraction of and use by younger people is what is gaining the most ground. The fear is that it becomes easier for kids to hide it and use it, and that the novelty of it is enticing.

“There are always products that blur the lines between candy or some other sort of wholesome beverage and alcohol” explained Robert Bailey, the Public Information Officer with the Alcoholic Beverages Division of Iowa. As just one example of this, you can drop in a local convenience store and find energy drinks infused with alcohol and lots of bright colors and cool names that appear to be marketing directly to young people.

What many of these legislators and other officials may not be aware of is that they are potentially drawing even more attention and intrigue to the product by their aggressive attacks. Some states have been successful at banning the product, and others are still in the process of trying.

The larger issue shouldn’t be what form of alcohol people of any age are abusing, but the fact that there needs to be better prevention methods and alcohol intervention programs to curb the problem before it gets worse.

Mike Loverde

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