Study Indicates an Increase in Alcohol-Related Premature Deaths

cdcalcoholconsumptionA recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) took a look at how many deaths are related to alcohol. What they found was that one in ten people die prematurely in the United States due to alcohol consumption. This number increases if you only look at people who are working age (20-64 years old). The study shows that not only are Americans drinking too much but that the overall health of our society is suffering from too much alcohol consumption.

The study focused on people who reported heavy drinking, binge drinking, under age consumption, extensive drinking during the work week and drinking while pregnant. After analyzing the data, almost 88,000 deaths are due to these heavy drinking activities.

Alcohol-related car accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and alcohol overdoses are perhaps the most common classifications of fatalities linked to drinking, but there are also several other ways listed. In fact, the CDC found that there are 44 different chronic and acute alcohol-related causes of death overall. Suicide, stroke, high blood pressure, newborn deaths due to the mother consuming alcohol while pregnant, fire injuries, liver cancer and drowning are some additional common ways in which alcohol contributes to death, and it is the fatalities caused by alcohol are the fourth-leading cause of preventable death.

Not only is consuming alcohol a major health risk, but the study also points out that it is a financial burden on the economy due to the fact that most people who drink too much have to be treated for health issues. Consuming large amounts of alcohol can also lead to loss in job productivity, costing business owners as well. The CDC indicates that if you were to quantify the dollar amount that excessive drinking costs that economy, it would turn out to be about $1,900 a drink.

Alcohol abuse in our country has real effects on the economy, society, and more importantly those that are suffering from alcohol addiction. The researches in the study indicate that with all the premature deaths resulting from alcohol abuse we are losing about 2.5 million years of potential life. If you have a loved one in need of an intervention for alcoholism, contact us today to see how we can help.

Mike Loverde

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