Study Indicates Lower Drug Risk for Former Addicts

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drugsubjamaNow there is more good news for people who have successfully beaten an addiction to drugs. A new study indicates that people who have overcome an addiction of some type are less likely to become addicted to any other substance. When a person handles their drug addiction they become healthier, happier and more productive, and it is good news that they also have less of a chance at developing another addiction.

“The results are surprising, they cut against conventional clinical lore which holds that people who stop one addiction are at increased risk of picking up a new one,” explained Dr. Mark Olfson, who was also an author on the study.

Researchers wanted to see if the general viewpoint that an addict is always susceptible to addiction held up under clinical review. Information was analyzed from surveys gathered from 2001 to 2004. The drug use of 35,000 adults was compared over the years. Study authors noticed that only 20 percent of the participants in the study who successfully beat a drug addiction went back to using a different drug.

In the past society has shunned those who have suffered from an addiction to drug and alcohol. While more people are becoming aware that addiction is affecting people all over the country, treatment is becoming more widely accepted, and successful recovery is also become more recognized and even openly celebrated. However, in order to get to that point, some form of intervention has to take place. Either friends and family members step in to create positive change, or society will intervene in some other way.

Researchers were quick to point out that the study does not mean that addicts will never be tempted to go back to drugs. “While it would be foolish to assume that people who quit one drug have not risk of becoming addicted to another drug, the new results should give encouragement to people who succeed in overcoming an addiction” explained Olfson. Drug addiction can be a life-long battle, a battle that is most successfully fought with the help of treatment.

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