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The Enabler | Understanding Co-Dependency And Family Roles In Addiction

A guide on how families operate in systems and how those systems affect a family’s response to mental health and addiction issues.



The Enabler

Why Don't Families Get Help For Addiction?

What To Do When a Family Member is Enabling a Loved One's Addiction

The Enabler | Understanding Co-Dependency And Family Roles In Addiction

When speaking of enabling, it is best to start and end with, “why?” Why are you enabling? Why do families enable? Why would a (mother, father, brother, sister, etc.) allow addiction to continue and not get a loved one help immediately? 


The reasons why families don’t act are as numerous as the excuses an addict gives for not getting help themselves.  Often times, it is the family of alcoholics and addicts that give the most excuses of why not to intervene and start addiction treatment — and that’s what they are: excuses.

"Enabling is Disabling"

"When you enable someone to do nothing, you disable them from doing something."

The entire family can come up with a million excuses for delaying dealing with the problem, but – at the end of the day – they are all just excuses. Most families don’t realize the urgency of the situation, because they are immersed in it, and therefore have their own part to play in the excuses.

Excuses for Delaying Addiction Intervention & Treatment


Think About How These Excuses Sound if Your Loved One Dies Before They Get Help.
That is the Gravity and Seriousness of the Situation.

Every addiction is as serious as life and death, whether you care to believe that or not. Therefore, we will deem every excuse as insufficient. Just as you would if your loved one was in a car accident or had a traumatic injury, you would want to know that everything was done to try and save their live – no excuses.


Without the excuses, we are back to: “Why?” This question goes to the family members and friends – why? Why are you codependent or enabling the person to keep using drugs and alcohol? Have you not been able to bring yourself to admit that they are an addict or an alcoholic? Do you get some sort of benefit from them not getting help?


We have to direct this at you the family member, because if you have not been a part of the path toward getting help for your loved on in their fight against addiction, you ARE the enabler. This is you in this role.f

We Can Help. We Identify the Roles Because We've Seen it All Before.

A Family First Addiction Interventionist really is your family’s friend in saving the life of your loved one, even though we have to speak some harsh truths. That’s our job! We identify these family roles as a resource for families everywhere to see the similarities in THEIR family system. It can help families see that they are not alone — other families gone through similar if not exact situations. We’ve seen it all before, and we’ve seen both the positive and negative outcomes of decisions that family make or don’t make.


The role of the enabler is not inherently a bad role, and it doesn’t make you a bad person, but does mean you & your family need some help from professionals like us.

Yes! My Family Is In This Situation and Need Help!

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Mike Loverde

As a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), member of NAATP, NAADAC, and accredited by the Pennsylvania Certification Board, Mike Loverde knows first-hand what it’s like to live life with addiction. By overcoming it, he had a calling to work with others who struggle with drug and alcohol addictions—the people who use and the families who feel helpless watching them decay.

With thousands of interventions across the United States done and many more to come, Loverde continues to own the intervention space, since 2005, by working with medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and others who need expert assistance for their patients who need intervention. To further his impact on behavioral health and maximize intervention effectiveness, Loverde is near completion of a Masters in Addiction Studies (MHS) accreditation, as well as a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC), and is committed to attaining the designation of a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

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Families tend to focus their efforts on talking their loved ones into treatment or waiting for them to go on their own. We help educate the family on how they have made the addiction more comfortable and in a way that does not help the addicted person get well. We can only change what we have control over, and that is our own behavior.

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