You Have a Larger-Than-Average Ego

After reviewing your answers to our questions, we’ve determined that you have a larger-than-average ego, and that it is likely capable of delaying or disrupting a family member from making a full recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. It’s important to note, though, that this is an informal assessment solely based on the few questions we presented as well as your self-reported responses to those questions.

With what appears to be a large ego, you may currently be standing in the way of a spouse, child or sibling’s potential to fully recover from drug or alcohol abuse. The longer the substance use persists, the more it brings down the entire family. This is why you shouldn’t wait to arrange a professional intervention, and why you don’t need the loved one to hit “rock bottom” first.

Change won’t happen within your family or in the addict’s life until you do something about it. There are ways to support your loved one without supporting the addiction itself. Learn more about our intervention services:

Intervention Services