With almost every call we receive, families are usually in the same situation and almost always ask the same important questions. The most frequently asked is whether families need to wait for their loved one to want help or hit bottom before seeking professional assistance. The answer is no, you don’t have to wait.

The family has the ability to change the situation on the family’s terms and to set new boundaries to hold the addict or alcoholic accountable. The most difficult task for the intervention counselor is helping families understand why almost everything they have been told and tried has been unsuccessful. Most families put their efforts and energy into trying to “fix” or “change” the addict or alcoholic rather than changing the situation, something families actually have the power and control to do. Family First Intervention has always recognized that the biggest impediment to someone getting help and families getting better is bad information about how to approach addiction and intervention.

As families watch these videos, they will hopefully see there is no need to wait for their loved ones to hit bottom or ask for help. The family has the ability to determine the success of an intervention. The addict or alcoholic can’t get drunk or high without the help of others, and that can be changed. Through the loving, caring approach of an intervention, the family can take back control and help to give their loved one a better life in the process. You may ask: What if the loved one says no or won’t go to treatment if we do this intervention?  The better question is: What if you don’t try? Even more to the point: What other option does the family have, besides sitting and waiting for things to get worse? No family wants that, which is why we are here to help you through the addiction intervention process.

The Role of Fathers in an Intervention

Intervention for Alcoholics

Drug Addiction and Families

How an Addict Affects the Family

The Need for a Professional Intervention

Mike Loverde’s Story

Selecting a Treatment Center

The Four Building Blocks of an Enabling Family System

Addiction is a Disease

Making the Addict Accountable

Enabling the Addict

The Role of an Interventionist

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