Whether you have a loved one who continuously snorts cocaine or one who smokes crack, the fact remains that he or she needs to enter treatment to have a chance to break the habit. The methods of treating either of these forms of addiction are essentially the same, but a chance at recovery can’t happen if the individual won’t accept treatment.

Cocaine and crack abusers are notorious for telling themselves they can quit using on their own, and thus they often neglect to seek professional treatment. Cocaine addiction of all forms is extremely powerful, making it quite difficult for the user to stop without someone stepping in to intervene. And it’s not something to put off either, as cocaine overdose is attributed to anywhere between 4,000 and 8,000 deaths in the U.S. each year.

It would be much easier if the cocaine or crack user took accountability for the addiction, the problems associated with it, and entered rehab without any emotional harm to the family. This, unfortunately, is almost never the case, making an intervention an extremely effective tool in helping cocaine and crack users stop their behavior and accept formal treatment.

How an Intervention for Cocaine Addiction Works

Family First Intervention’s cocaine intervention service educates and walks families through the process of helping turn a struggling loved one’s life around. A Family First-led cocaine intervention shows families how the addiction has created an unhealthy home environment. It also shows the individual family members how cocaine addiction comes at the emotional and sometimes financial expense of the whole family.

It is important to understand that a cocaine intervention does not fix the addict. Rather, it starts repairing the family system disrupted by the addiction, and it creates a willingness for the individual to accept help. The cocaine intervention then inspires the substance abuser to enter long-term treatment and begin the recovery process. Without a cocaine intervention, it is unlikely your loved one will accept help, take accountability and pursue treatment. If the substance abuser does not seek treatment willingly, the recovery process becomes far less effective.

Family First’s cocaine intervention is a two-day process, requiring one day for the family (without the attendance of the cocaine addict) to organize and prepare. The second day is dedicated to the actual intervention with the family and the loved one. We have to repair the family broken by the addiction on day one. Were we to limit the cocaine intervention to merely inspiring your loved one into treatment, there would be a far greater chance of relapse.

Holding an intervention for cocaine addiction is always a better option than waiting and hoping for the problem to just go away, or even forcibly making the user enter rehab. Once we obtain willingness from the cocaine user, we will then transport your loved one to the proper treatment center to begin the road to recovery.

Details of Crack Cocaine Intervention

Crack addiction is often more difficult than other hard drugs, as far as the user realizing a problem exists and that there is a need to stop. Most crack cocaine intervention calls we receive are for binge crack users. This means the abuser will disappear and get high for 3 to 5 days, sometimes even a week, and then come home and sleep for 2 to 4 days. What follows appears to be normal behavior, at least for a while.

Crack cocaine interventions see many addicts in denial because – unlike alcohol or heroin, which cause mental and physical dependence – these users typically do not experience withdrawal with uncomfortable physical pain. Because of only experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms, many crack abusers declare that they have used for the last time during the crack intervention and it will never happen again.

Unfortunately, many families buy into their loved one’s vow to quit using. The sad part is just as  the family starts to believe the crack user is going to stay clean, the inevitable happens and the individual disappears on another crack run, emptying out the checking account along the way.

The timing of the crack intervention is one of the more strategic preparations of all of our interventions. This is because a crack addict is at the most vulnerable point right after coming back from a long binge. We usually stage family day (or pre-intervention) the day after the crack user returns home. The actual crack intervention then takes place within hours after your loved one awakens. The individual is taken to treatment for crack addiction soon after to avoid another crack run accompanied by more broken promises.

Get Help for Cocaine or Crack Addiction Today

How many more times does the family have to watch another binge? Sometimes families wait years to call about a cocaine intervention, and by the time they do, their finances and their hope have been depleted. Only a small percentage of drug users wake up one day, say it is time to stop, and then check into a treatment center for a long enough period of time to treat the addiction and gain long-term sobriety.

Getting help from a professional interventionist will bridge the gap from your family’s wishes to your loved one actually being in recovery. Family First Intervention works in all 50 states and boasts a team of counselors who are deeply experienced in cocaine and crack cocaine intervention. Before your loved one’s cycle of cocaine or crack abuse devastates the entire family, call to stage a professional intervention today.