OxyContin Intervention Services – Family First

The prescription painkiller OxyContin is an extremely potent narcotic analgesic that, when ingested, is similar to morphine and heroin in terms of the euphoria experienced by the user. OxyContin intervention is by far the most common service that Family First Intervention performs, since it is one of the most sought-after drugs today.

OxyContin, whose active ingredient is oxycodone, provides significant relief for people suffering severe pain, such as cancer patients or those in post-surgery circumstances. For several years, doctors handed the drug out like candy, and they arguably still are. This has driven up the demand for OxyContin, both on a prescription basis and on the black market.

The Risks of OxyContin Abuse

Like all other opioids, OxyContin is extremely addictive and, in most cases, requires medical detox followed by a long-term treatment program. OxyContin addiction is not an inexpensive habit for its users. The average cost of OxyContin at the street level is about a $1 a milligram, with the average dose being one 80mg OxyContin at a time, sometimes as many as three or four times per day.

Most OxyContin users grind the pills up and either shoot them in a vein or snort them, because it is a time-release pill. When users break the time-release coating, they turn what was otherwise a slow release of OxyContin into an immediate surge of the whole dose at once.

Similar to someone addicted to heroin, OxyContin abusers again and again go to drastic lengths to obtain money for their next fix that parents could not even imagine. OxyContin interventions commonly uncover the fact the addict prefers his or her opioid pill over heroin because it is pharmaceutical grade, not cut down on the streets, and, sadly enough, easier to procure than heroin.

How to Approach an Intervention for OxyContin Addiction

Serving the entire United States, Family First’s OxyContin intervention services are quite similar to those of a heroin intervention, since the two drugs are almost identical in three ways:

  • The level of pain they treat
  • The feeling they produce
  • The severity of addiction associated with each

When we are doing OxyContin intervention, the biggest obstacle we face is the addict telling us the medication is needed for pain. We discover during the intervention that the addict is taking at least 3-4 times the recommended dosage, not to mention crushing up the pills and either snorting them or injecting them with a needle.

When the drug is being prescribed by a doctor, the patient is not being told to take 3-4 times more than usual, nor to crush up the pills to snort or shoot them. With OxyContin intervention, or any other addiction intervention for that matter, the elephants in the room are the use of drugs as a way to avoid facing problems and the damage substance use itself is having on the person’s future.

OxyContin intervention is an important step if your loved one is addicted, not only because of the danger in using the drug, but because of the crimes associated with obtaining or selling it. Most people do not believe that doctor shopping (seeing numerous doctors at once) is a crime that will lead to being arrested, but it can be. OxyContin interventions are most successful when performed before your loved one arrives at this point or before something even worse (such as an overdose) happens.

The Results of Our OxyContin Intervention Services

An OxyContin intervention program has a far better success rate than when families try to do an intervention themselves. OxyContin addicts, like other drug addicts, are very good manipulators and liars. Time and time again, we see families accede to the demands of the substance abuser and give the loved one another chance to fix the problem. Unfortunately, the OxyContin abuser can almost never fix the problem alone and is usually only willing to do as little as possible to try to correct the issues that come with the addiction.

Our OxyContin intervention services aim to show the family that they and their loved one are continually trying to fix the problem without any success. They almost never fix the source of the problem, which is the addiction itself. Reach out to the intervention experts today by calling Family First Intervention. We’ll listen to your needs and pair your family up with one of our professional interventionists who can best relate to your situation.