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Intervention for substance abuse is almost always in the form of drug and alcohol intervention. One of the most important things is the family giving the problem back to the addict or alcoholic and offering an effective solution for the abuse in the form of inpatient drug treatment. It is equally important that during the drug and alcohol intervention, we help your loved one become accountable and responsible for the addiction.

Intervention CounselorAn intervention counselor will help prepare the family for the intervention process. Most people struggle with the fact that a drug and alcohol intervention is primarily about the family coming first. Our intervention counselor has to repair the unhealthy family system that the addiction has created and have the family change their boundaries and enabling behaviors. This is something that must change during the first day of the drug and alcohol intervention if the substance abuser is to change at all. In a loving and caring way, we need to send the message during the drug and alcohol intervention that there is nothing in the world the family will not do to help the loved one; at the same time, there is nothing in this world the family is willing to do going forward that makes the addiction worse. Families should stop worrying about what the addict or alcoholic is going to say or do. The addict and alcoholic should be worrying about what the family is going to do and say. Your loved one, using con and manipulation, would not be able to get as far as he or she has without help from the family. We know that you want your loved one back; it’s the job of a drug and alcohol intervention counselor to show you how to do that.

Drug & Alcohol Intervention Program

Many times, we hear families say they pay the bills and supply the vehicle, food, and shelter while the addict or alcoholic is the one actually running the home but not getting better. The drug and alcohol intervention program shows families how to change their enabling roles to make the addict or alcoholic more accountable and responsible for the substance abuse and the problems that come with it. In a drug and alcohol intervention program, it is important for families to see the unhealthy roles the addiction has created for them in this dynamic, which actually makes it difficult for the substance abuser to change. We are always told that the addict or alcoholic has to hit bottom, which is not entirely true. Enabling makes it far more difficult to feel the consequences the addiction is having on the substance abuser. During the drug and alcohol intervention program, families actually start to see how their loved one has manipulated them into thinking the way they do. We do not want you to proactively ruin your loved one’s life; you may, however, need to step out of the way. A drug and alcohol intervention program can show you how.

Drug & Alcohol Intervention Information

Drug and alcohol intervention is important to the family of a substance abuser because it helps them get their loved one to a drug treatment center. Many families feel they can just talk their loved ones into going to drug treatment or eventually change. In reality, this almost never happens, and a drug and alcohol intervention of some kind is almost always necessary for the addiction to stop. Countless families call us inquiring about a drug and alcohol intervention, wondering what is it that we do. The answer is simple: we create an environment that makes you, the family, less accountable and responsible for your loved one’s addiction and the problems that accompany it. This in turn makes your loved one more accountable and responsible for the addiction and the problems that come with it. Most families do not realize that almost all substance abusers internally and emotionally embrace the attention a drug and alcohol intervention offers. They may not always show it at the intervention, but almost all of them feel it. The drug and alcohol intervention ensures the family that they have done everything possible to save their loved one from the addiction. Left untreated, addiction progressively gets worse for both the substance abuser and the family.

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