Most families focus their energy on how to change, talk to, or fix their loved ones.  At Family First Intervention, we understand how things must change for an addict or alcoholic to want help and become accountable.  Families are told time and again how they must wait for bottom before their loved one wants help. In order for that to happen, an addiction has to become uncomfortable for a drug user or alcoholic, and that requires the family to change their behavior to make that possible.  We know that almost no alcoholic or drug addict is capable of continuing on the path of addiction without additional resources.  Families, in spite of what they are told, do have control over when a bottom is felt and when their loved one comes to a place of wanting to change.  There are some things to consider in using an interventionist instead of waiting for the problem to correct itself.  Family First Intervention understands that:

  • You don’t have to wait for bottom or for the addict or alcoholic to want it; remember that bottom can be defined as jail, institutionalization or hospitalization, and losing all hope.
  • It is far more difficult to get a family to do an intervention than it is to get an addict or alcoholic to accept help.
  • Families must get on the same page. The main reason interventions fail to happen is because a majority of family members sabotage it or convince others it is a ridiculous idea that will never work because the loved one will just say no (mostly men do this).
  • The addict or alcoholic has taught the family unhealthy enabling behaviors so that a bottom is never hit and wanting help is never an option.  Sadly, society backs this up by confirming the untruth that the family has to wait for something that won’t happen by itself.

At Family First Intervention, our goal is to help each and every family establish boundaries and find the strength to help their loved one want assistance and find a bottom on their terms rather than the loved one’s.  Having done interventions for almost 12 years, we know what our challenges are and what the family is going through.  Our team of professional interventionists has seen it all and knows the struggles families face.  The one common denominator in all this is that families do not have to wait for their loved ones to want help or hit bottom.  Hiring a professional gives the family comfort in knowing they did their best to do everything they could to stop the addiction.

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