6 Lies Every Addict Says To Themselves
And Their Loved Ones


Honesty is not a trait that is commonly used to describe an addict or alcoholic. Because those struggling with addiction feel compelled to hide their illness and are often dealing with feelings of embarrassment and guilt, they are usually dishonest to those they love, as well as to themselves.

A lack of truthfulness is not only a problem when it comes to helping someone who is addicted drugs or alcohol, it is also detrimental to the addict who is likely speaking mistruths in their head which perpetuate the problem.

The 6 Lies Every Addict Says

Interestingly, the lies that are conjured up by nearly all addicts and alcoholics typically follow a similar theme. Here are six to watch out for:

Lie #1:

I Can Stop Using My Substance Of Choice Whenever I Feel Like It

I’m in control. This is a particularly interesting lie because addicts want others to believe that they have control over their life. Yet, they can’t admit that they are controlled by alcohol or drugs.

Lie #2:

I Need Drugs Or Alcohol To Cope With My Problems

This is a perpetuating lie because addiction causes problems, yet it is used to self-medicate when there are problems. Many addicts and alcoholics use this lie to justify their substance abuse.

Lie #3:

I’m Nothing Like (Name)

Addicts like to compare themselves to others with problems to justify their less-severe addictive behaviors. Unfortunately, addiction is addiction whether the individual is busted for a DUI, passed out in their own home or is abusing prescription medications on a daily basis. It’s only a matter of time before behaviors worsen because addiction is a progressive disease.

Lie #4:

My Addiction Has Nothing To Do With Anyone Else

Addiction is a disease of isolation, and addicts like to hide their illness from those around them. Unfortunately, addiction affects friends and family in many ways. This is when denial sets in, and addicts often think that loved ones are judging them when they suggest that help or treatment is needed.

Lie #5:

I Have Nothing To Live For Anyway. I Might As Well Keep Using Drugs Or Alcohol

Depression is common among alcoholics and drug addicts. Many use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate painful feelings of guilt, grief and sadness. Unfortunately, as the addiction grows stronger, so do the symptoms of the mental illness.

Lie #6:

Life Is No Fun Without Drugs Or Alcohol

Addicts often tell themselves that life will be boring without drugs or alcohol. This prevents many people from entering treatment. Sobriety is a choice for a healthier lifestyle that involves getting new friends, new interests and new ways to enjoy life.


Do You Have An Addicted Loved One Who Is Lying About Their Problem?

Dealing with lies and deceptive behaviors can put a tremendous amount of stress on a relationship. If your loved one has been lying to you and others, seeking help is a phone call away. Call us now to get help. One of our intervention specialists will be happy to help get your loved one back on the right track.

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