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When founder Mike Loverde created Family First Intervention, he had two distinct goals in mind: First, he wanted to create a substance abuse intervention program that could help save people from their addictions and bring normalcy back into their lives.

Second, he wanted to make sure that the families who suffer through an addict’s destructive behaviors receive help and support along the way. Read more about Mike’s story and struggle with his own addiction.

As professional drug and alcohol addiction interventionists, Family First’s goal has always been to set the bar for the rest of the recovery industry. Operating in all 50 states, Family First works tirelessly to equip families with the tools they need to help a loved one overcome addiction, leading to the best possible outcomes.

Why Family First Intervention?

At Family First Intervention, we recognize the powerful influence that family members have over an addicted loved one’s success in treatment. In fact, one of the main reasons that interventions and post-treatment recovery fail is because family members can’t get on the same page. Instead, they are more likely to fight and bicker, creating new problems for substance abuse interventionists to manage.

When family members can’t stand together, it creates opportunities for the addict to delay treatment and continue using.

We specialize in educating families about the reality of addiction and what they can do to help their loved one stay sober. We also help family members recognize where their own behavior has contributed to the problem. By challenging family members to adopt heather perspectives and root out toxic dynamics, we help make recovery a reality.

What Makes Us Different?

Many substance abuse interventionists practicing today have minimal experience in the field. They operate without support staff, have no accreditations and carry no professional liability insurance. Others may be connected, philosophically or financially, to certain treatment centers.

At Family First Intervention, we’re completely independent, and our only goal is to find the treatment facility that meets the needs of our clients. That’s why our entire staff is made up of experienced counselors with firsthand intervention experience. Family First has been in business since 2008, but many of our interventionists have been practicing since well before our company’s inception.

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Don’t wait for a loved one to hit rock bottom before getting them help. Despite what they might have been told, families play a major role in influencing their loved ones to make healthier decisions. Be ready to help when a loved one expresses his or her desire for change.

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