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Our Staff, Our Mission and You

Mike Loverde, the founder of Family First Intervention, is also a fully recovered addict. He uses his intimate knowledge and firsthand experience to provide the best possible intervention programs for you and your loved ones.  When Mike created Family First Intervention, he had two distinct goals in mind. First, he wanted to create a program that could help save addicts from their addictions and bring normalcy back into their lives. Second, he wanted to make sure that the families who suffer from the addict’s destructive behaviors are able to receive the help they need. Mike knows the power of intervention and believes that if his family had not gone through the proper channels and sought help, he would have continued spiraling downwards until he died.

What makes us different?

Many interventionists practicing in the field today have little experience, operate independently without a team or staff, have no accreditation, and carry no professional liability insurance. Many other intervention programs are tied to specific treatment centers. Because of this, your loved one may not receive the exact help needed. At Family First Intervention, we do not tie ourselves to any specific treatment center. We treat each case uniquely and find the best treatment center for each addict’s specific needs.

Family First makes it a point to pair our intervention counselors and the substance abuser based on characteristics of the family. For example, a 30 year old intervention counselor who specializes in crystal meth addiction may not be the best fit for a 57 year old alcoholic with no history of hard drug use. In the same way that we work to ensure each addict is paired with the perfect treatment center based on specific needs, we also ensure that each addict and family is paired with the perfect counselor for their needs. Our entire staff of experienced counselors has felt firsthand what addiction does to either themselves or a close family member, and they can provide you with the exact help needed.

Family First Intervention was created to set a higher standard for the intervention process. We work tirelessly to ensure that every intervention performed gives the family and their loved one the best possible opportunity for a successful outcome.