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Why Family First Intervention?

At Family First Intervention, we recognize the powerful influence that family members have over an addicted loved one’s success in treatment. In fact, one of the main reasons that interventions and post-treatment recovery fail is because family members can’t get on the same page. Instead, they are more likely to fight and bicker, creating new problems for substance abuse interventionists to manage.

When family members can’t stand together, it creates opportunities for the addict to delay treatment and continue using.

We specialize in educating families about the reality of addiction and what they can do to help their loved one stay sober. We also help family members recognize where their own behavior has contributed to the problem. By challenging family members to adopt heather perspectives and root out toxic dynamics, we help make recovery a reality.

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What Makes Us Different?

We Believe in First-Hand Experience

Many substance abuse interventionists practicing today have minimal experience in the field. They operate without support staff, have no accreditations and carry no professional liability insurance. Others may be connected, philosophically or financially, to certain treatment centers. But there’s an element of trust that is crucial to the process of intervention and treatment.

To help remove illegitimate providers from the internet and to better protect the people searching for verifiable solutions in addiction treatment, LegitScript certification is now the industry standard. Family First Intervention has been vetted by this third-party regulatory agency, and is proud to hold this certification. With it, comes peace of mind for you and loved ones knowing that we are trusted by an industry authority.

Our intervention counselors are told time and time again by families that – after speaking to dozens of other doctors, psychiatrists, therapists and others – we were the first ones to give them hope. We were the first interventionists who did not tell them to sit back because it was hopeless. Family First Intervention counselors change lives every day, and we never tell a family that their loved one has to want help or hit rock bottom, because that is exactly the wrong approach to take in this delicate process.

A history professor at an Ivy League school can relay an endless amount of information on the D-Day invasion during WWII. However, we would rather listen to an actual soldier who stormed the beach.

Our point is simply this: Not only are the intervention counselors at Family First Intervention professionals, they have also been in the trenches. We do not believe it is possible to be an effective intervention specialist if you have not walked in the addict or alcoholic’s shoes.

At Family First Intervention, we’re completely independent, and our only goal is to find the treatment facility that meets the needs of our clients. That’s why our entire staff is made up of experienced counselors with firsthand intervention experience. Family First has been in business since 2008, but many of our interventionists have been practicing since well before our company’s inception.

The Goal of Family First Intervention

When founder Mike Loverde created Family First Intervention, he had two distinct goals in mind: First, he wanted to create a substance abuse intervention program that could help save people from their addictions and bring normalcy back into their lives.

Second, he wanted to make sure that the families who suffer through an addict’s destructive behaviors receive help and support along the way.

Founder Mike Loverde's Personal Take

Is an addiction intervention counselor necessary when the family thinks they can do the intervention themselves? As the president and founder of Family First Intervention, Inc., I went to 19 treatment centers willingly because my family did their own intervention and established several rules on which they never followed through.

Every time I went to treatment, I never went for myself, and it never had to work. Frustrated, my family found an addiction intervention specialist. Not only did the intervention counselor obtain my willingness to accept help, he also changed our family system to make me accountable and responsible, allowing me to own the addiction for the first time in my life.

Because of this, I have been clean and sober, and I now perform the same type of intervention that saved my life and my family’s sanity. Families can often talk their loved one into a treatment center. However, rarely do they get them to stay in treatment and remain sober.

Bringing in an addiction intervention counselor greatly increases the long-term likelihood of your loved one remaining sober, as well as the family healing and getting better, too. When families try to do the intervention themselves, they are missing the entire first part of what an intervention is about: changing the family system that has been broken down by the loved one’s addiction.

Remember, when addiction has befallen someone, it is not the family’s fault. However, bringing in an addiction intervention specialist can show the family exactly what needs to change and why.

The most difficult task for our intervention counselors is not getting your loved one to accept the help necessary. Rather, it is getting family members to agree to change enabling behaviors and set boundaries so the addict or alcoholic is able to accept help.

Our professional interventionists assist the family in understanding that the addiction cannot change without the family changing, too. When the family and the interventionist first meet for intervention family day (without your one loved present), the family is not only educated on the addiction model, but also led to comprehend how the addict or alcoholic has changed the family’s behaviors over time.

Intervention counseling goes far beyond simply talking with an addict or alcoholic. It also changes aims to change family behaviors and set appropriate boundaries so the addict or alcoholic becomes accountable. For the intervention specialist to get someone to change, the situation must first change.

Most families are told time and again that their loved ones have to want help or hit rock bottom in order to get well. In addition, many perceive an intervention counselor’s function as making an inspirational speech and talking the substance abuser into treatment. We know we can’t immediately change the addict or alcoholic because you have tried that over and over again. In order for the addict or alcoholic to get well, the family must become educated on addiction, enabling and co-dependency.

As professional drug and alcohol addiction interventionists, Family First’s goal has always been to set the bar for the rest of the recovery industry. Operating in all 50 states, Family First works tirelessly to equip families with the tools they need to help a loved one overcome addiction, leading to the best possible outcomes.

How Our Drug and Alcohol Intervention Process Works

Our intervention process is a two-day event, starting first with the family members but not including the addict or alcoholic. Our drug and alcohol intervention specialist spends as much time as necessary with the addict or alcoholic’s family members, preparing for the actual intervention day and for what happens after it is over.

Professional drug and alcohol interventionists are important because they are not emotionally attached to the situation, and it is much easier for them to see the forest for the trees. It is quite amazing how many families tell us that their loved one gave us more information about what is really going than the family ever received. This is because the family rarely understands entirely what their loved one is going through, and vice-versa.

Bringing the family together with an intervention counselor is the most comfortable option for everyone. There is usually much resentment and tension at the intervention, so having an interventionist present makes the process run much more smoothly, all while opening the door to long-term sobriety for you loved one. Our intervention process has an amazing way of making your loved one own the addiction and become accountable for past behavior, something that has been lacking in their life for a long time.

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Don’t wait for a loved one to hit rock bottom before getting them help. Despite what they might have been told, families play a major role in influencing their loved ones to make healthier decisions. Be ready to help when a loved one expresses his or her desire for change.

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