Arizona Intervention Services - Family FirstThe seasoned professionals at Family First Intervention offer Arizona intervention services to families across the state. Many people do not realize how widespread the use of drugs and alcohol has become in Arizona.

Arizona has a higher rate of substance abuse compared to the national average and has seen a steady increase in primary treatment admissions for drugs such as stimulants, marijuana, heroin and other opiates. As a result, Arizona is one of the states where there are more drug-induced deaths than those caused by auto accidents, indicating a great need for increased drug and alcohol interventions and treatment.

Our team of professionals has helped countless families in Arizona with their intervention needs by providing consultation and on-site interventionists. One of our two national offices is Arizona, and we have provided successful intervention services for families and their loved ones throughout the state, including in cities such as Scottsdale, Phoenix, Yuma, Sedona, Flagstaff, Chandler and more.

Our Arizona intervention services provide your family with the best chance to see your loved one start down the road to recovery. Our interventions benefit your whole family, and we’re confident the process will be productive and help lead your struggling loved one to proper treatment.

Arizona Addiction Stats and Facts

Before we get into how our Arizona interventions work, let’s take a look at a few statistics and facts – provided by the CDC and SAMHSA – that show how big the issue of substance abuse is in the Grand Canyon State:

Arizona Addiction Stats And Facts – Family First Intervention

Arizona Treatment Center Admissions Data

A look at Arizona’s addiction treatment centers will give you an idea of which substances are plaguing the state the most. According to a report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the following substances, in order, were the primary reasons for admissions into Maricopa County, Arizona treatment centers in 2013:

  1. Alcohol (27 percent)
  2. Methamphetamine (23 percent)
  3. Heroin and Morphine (19 percent)
  4. Marijuana (17 percent)
  5. Other Opioids (8 percent)
  6. Cocaine (4 percent)

The only item on the list that consistently rose in prevalence from 2007 to 2013 was opioids. Although Marijuana was only fourth on the above list, it by far has the highest rate of lifetime use. Arizona high school surveys from 2003 to 2013 repeatedly found that anywhere from 42 to 48 percent of respondents have used marijuana at least once in their life.

Although not in the top six, the use of MDMA (ecstasy) among young Arizonans is fairly worrisome. In 2013, about 7 percent of Arizona high school students reported using ecstasy within the previous 30 days. Additionally, nearly 6 percent of students reported taking steroid pills or shots without a prescription, and 4.5 percent said they had sniffed glue within that same time frame.

Arizona Alcohol Intervention: A Unique Process

Although it may appear that alcoholics and drug addicts suffer similar consequences from their substance of choice, there are subtle differences. This is why it’s important to enlist the help of a professional interventionist who knows how to recognize and address the unique signs and behaviors of alcoholism.

What appears to be normal alcohol use by your loved one can quickly develop into a dependency. Therefore, if your loved one is continually abusing alcohol and won’t agree to receive treatment, an intervention in Arizona should be the answer. Family First is able to provide interventions in Arizona in the comfort of your own home within a couple of days after your first call to us.

Our goal is to help usher your loved one to a place where he or she accepts responsibility and then enters treatment. The physical and mental consequences of alcoholism are very dangerous, so the sooner you seek help, the better off your loved one will be.

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Alcohol Intervention

Arizona Drug Intervention: Get Help from a Professional

Families should not try to perform an Arizona drug intervention without the help of a trained counselor. We know that your loved one’s drug problem can be overwhelming and devastating to the entire family, but don’t try to force a solution by yourselves.

Instead, let a professional interventionist from Family First assess your loved one and your family’s situation and then start working toward some answers. Our Arizona drug interventionists will train your family in a proactive manner, and they will help you approach your loved one in a non-confrontational way.

After your interventionist has determined the level of care your loved one needs, they will move the intervention in positive direction to the point where they help connect the struggling individual to the most suitable treatment center.

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After the Arizona Intervention Concludes

Once we’ve completed the Arizona addiction intervention and your loved one has accepted responsibility, it’s time to proceed to the most appropriate treatment center for his or her specific needs, whether in-state or out. With our Arizona intervention services, we will provide your family with all the tools necessary to bring your loved one back from addiction and turn your hope into reality.