Step 1:

Initial Consultation

We start with an initial phone consultation to help identify what is keeping your loved one comfortable in the addiction.

In order for an Intervention Program to have a successful outcome, we need to put the family on the same page instead of having members operate with different opinions, most of which have either directly or indirectly been taught to the family by the addict or alcoholic in order to manipulate them.

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Step 2:

Educate Family About Addiction

Our intervention process goes far beyond convincing your loved one to agree to an addiction treatment program. We help to repair the situation by educating the family unit and ensuring long-term success for both the addict or alcoholic and the family.

Every family we have worked with has something that can be changed drastically to give the addiction back to their loved one.

Many other interventionists, treatment centers, and therapists tell families they must wait for their loved one to hit rock bottom before anything can be done. Not only is this extremely dangerous to tell someone…It is absolutely NOT TRUE. Waiting for your loved one to want help or hit rock bottom is never going to happen if the family is enabling in a way that prevents those things from occurring.

Step 3:

Getting The Process Started

The longer a family waits, the more comfortable their loved one becomes as an addict or alcoholic and the more uncomfortable the family becomes while they are slowly stripped of their sanity.

Every day nothing changes is another day it becomes more difficult for everyone to change. Things won’t usually change until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of facing the uncertainties of change.

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