Family First Intervention is a local Illinois intervention drug and alcohol company that provides families with resources all across the country.  Located in Mokena, substance abuse intervention is just one of the services we provide. Even with Illinois being the 5th most populous state in the country and within close proximity to the third largest US city, the state has very limited access for intervention professionals and long-term treatment centers. Having helped Illinois residents with Illinois intervention, we are able to provide different treatment plans and options for the family and your loved one to help ensure a successful outcome. Illinois intervention requires a counselor coming to your location and meeting with you and the rest of the family prior to meeting with the addict.

The substance abuser is not part of the first day of the intervention because of the necessary preparation required to help ensure a successful outcome.  When preparing during the family day, it is extremely important that all family members agree on what needs to change and what enabling behaviors need to stop to ensure a successful Illinois intervention.  If family is not able to travel, it is common that we read a letter on behalf of the absent family member during the intervention. It is important that as many family members as possible be present because this is just as much for the family as it is for your loved one suffering from addiction.


Because of our local and nationwide availability, we are able to assist with an intervention in Illinois very quickly. Although the state of Illinois has its fair share of treatment centers, there are few proven effective companies for Illinois intervention. Due to the complexity, insurance issues, and training required to perform a drug or alcohol abuse intervention, it is not always common for people to find local professional help or any help at all in their own state.

An Illinois intervention is performed in the comfort of your own home, working with you and the rest of the family to ensure that you are getting the best education on addiction and intervention as well as the proper treatment options for your loved one. When doing an Illinois intervention, we usually recommend longer term treatment away from home. With so many treatment options in the state of Illinois, we are often able to find the right fit. Fortunately, we do work with treatment centers in the state of Illinois that are effective.  When retaining our services for an intervention in Illinois, we walk you through every step of the intervention process as well as the treatment selection.

Our goal is to ensure that the family and the addict or alcoholic never have to go through the pain that addiction causes ever again.  When we perform an Illinois intervention, we are dedicated to providing you with all the tools necessary to bring your loved one back from addiction and turn your hope into actual reality.