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Addiction Intervention & Substance Abuse Treatment During Coronavirus COVID-19

Addiction Intervention and Substance Abuse Treatment During Coronavirus COVID-19

Statement from Family First Intervention

We’re here to assist and support families during the Coronavirus outbreak.


We will be here to help families in need of an intervention and guidance during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Family First Intervention falls under the guidelines provided by the CDC to continue working and serving our community during this pandemic. Our team is taking extra precautions to ensure your family is safe as well as our counselors. 


Please call to learn more about the extra precautions we are now taking to help serve families in this undeniable time of need.

Addiction Treatment As An Essential Service In Times of Crisis

During this, and any time of national emergency, there are numerous services that are deemed as “essential.” This means that these services are basic needs that must still be kept available.


Those with addictions and their families still need help and assistance in these times and we can be there for you.

Infographic: Where COVID-19 Has Been Confirmed in the U.S. | Statista

Coronavirus & Addiction FAQs for Families

Many parents and families will surely have questions regarding how the coronavirus will impact their situations and the situations of their loved ones. In this section, we will try and cover some common questions families may have.

Should Addicts Still Get Help For Addiction During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Yes! This pandemic has thrown a wrench in the gears of normalcy, but  time is of the essence when you are dealing with substance abuse. Addiction is a progressive disease and it can progress dangerously fast. Life-threatening addictions to alcohol and drugs should be addressed immediately, even during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Should My Loved One Leave Rehab Due to The Corona Virus / COVID19?

NO! Definitely not! Your loved one should not leave rehab due to fears over the Corona Virus / Coronavirus / COVID-19. Further, parents should not allow this to be used as an excuse for a loved one to leave rehab or an addiction treatment program.

Parents SHOULD NOT Allow COVID-19 to be an Excuse for a Loved One Leaving Rehab, Missing Counseling or Therapy Sessions, or Delaying Treatment.


All around the United States, local governments are taking steps to close businesses and limit non-essential services and travel. We are essentially entering a period of “quarantine” or isolation.


The possibility of isolation proposes some big problems for everyone, but opioid addicts in particular. During this time, it is imperative that an opioid addict or anyone who is using opioids – prescribed or illegally is being cared for.


In the event of an opioid or heroin overdose, will anyone be around to administer narcan or call for emergency services? These questions need to be asked. If the current environment is not suitable to the safety of your loved one, you should consider temporary care and/or entering treatment.

The Dangers of Leaving Rehab Early for COVID-19 / Corona Virus

In treatment is the best place for an addict – regardless of what is happening in the outside world. Current affairs should never be used as an excuse for quitting or delaying addiction treatment or drug and alcohol rehab.


We get it, the world is scary right now, and having our loved ones close by makes us feel safer. But, we need to accept continuing medical, therapeutic, and rehabilitation treatment is the best course of action for our loved one. It is imperative to stick to the recovery plan that was outlined from the beginning.

The Dangers Isolation Poses on Those Who Are Sober and In Long-Term Recovery

This period of isolation not only poses dangers to those who are actively using drugs and alcohol and those new to recovery; those who have years of sobriety behind them are struggling to stay sober during the stress of current events, the news & media, and coronavirus fears. This is being exacerbated by the fact that sobriety, 12 step and AA meetings are among the closures and cancellations of events due to COVID-19. While some counselors and treatment centers and sobriety groups are utilizing technology for online and virtual meetings, not all have these resources at their fingertips. 

We encourage all of those in recovery to continue going to meetings, where possible, and utilize virtual meetings if available. Stick to your sobriety goals, and reach out for help if you feel the pressures getting to you and if you fear relapse.

We Are Here For You and Your Family During These Stressful Times

At Family First Intervention, we utilize available technology to allow us to video-conference with our clients if needed and recommended



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Mike Loverde

As a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), member of NAATP, NAADAC, and accredited by the Pennsylvania Certification Board, Mike Loverde knows first-hand what it’s like to live life with addiction. By overcoming it, he had a calling to work with others who struggle with drug and alcohol addictions—the people who use and the families who feel helpless watching them decay.

With thousands of interventions across the United States done and many more to come, Loverde continues to own the intervention space, since 2005, by working with medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and others who need expert assistance for their patients who need intervention. To further his impact on behavioral health and maximize intervention effectiveness, Loverde is near completion of a Masters in Addiction Studies (MHS) accreditation, as well as a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC), and is committed to attaining the designation of a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

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Families tend to focus their efforts on talking their loved ones into treatment or waiting for them to go on their own. We help educate the family on how they have made the addiction more comfortable and in a way that does not help the addicted person get well. We can only change what we have control over, and that is our own behavior.

Our drug and alcohol intervention programs provide families the professional assistance needed to make the best decisions about their loved ones. Our counselors work to ensure that your loved one and your family system have the best possible chance of long-term success.

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