Family First Intervention is a nationwide drug and alcohol intervention company. We receive calls from all over the United States from people asking where we are located. Families learn quickly that finding a professional intervention team in their area is difficult, and that most intervention companies are not local to families needing intervention services. Fortunately for families, we are able to provide intervention services to all locations in the United States and transport your loved one to the treatment center that is the best fit him or her. We always try to set up the best program for the addict or alcoholic as well as the best interventionist for the family and the situation. Having several different intervention counselors on staff makes us unique, and having a team behind the family makes our accessibility easy for families should questions arise before, during, or after the intervention process.

Most of the time, it is recommended that addicts or alcoholics enter an inpatient treatment center outside the geographical location where they are comfortable. Almost everyone who enters treatment for longer than 30 days—away from all the people, places, and things that may be a trigger to get drunk or high—does better than at a site near home for a four-week program with no aftercare plan. By bringing in a professional intervention counselor to facilitate the intervention and find the best treatment program, the likelihood of a successful outcome is increased.

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