Online Ego Quiz: Is Your Ego Standing in the Way of Intervention and Recovery?

If you’re here on our website today, it’s probably because you have a child, a spouse or possibly a sibling who is currently battling drug or alcohol addiction. We’re sympathetic to the predicament you’re in, and we’re always ready to help.

And if you’re here on this specific page, it’s probably because you’re trying to gauge how big your ego is and if it plays a role in your loved one’s ongoing substance use. Yes, a family member’s ego can delay, disrupt or delay the intervention and recovery process.

How, exactly? Please take our short quiz, and then we’ll explain more based on the determined size of your ego.

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Take the Ego Quiz to See If Your Ego Is Hurting Your Family

Fathers, Egos and Addiction

No matter how big or small we determined your ego to be, it helps to understand the distinct role fathers (and their egos) play in the intervention and recovery process.

Please watch the following short video where our founder, Mike Loverde, explains that fathers with even the biggest of egos can put aside their pride and contribute to the success of the intervention and recovery process for their struggling child.

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