Bringing in a drug and alcohol interventionist to help families with their loved ones suffering from addiction has become more popular in recent years because, simply put, interventions work.  Drug and alcohol interventionists are trained professionals in the field of addiction and family systems.  It is best to think of an interventionist as a mediator to a family needing answers with a loved one addicted to drugs, alcohol, or something else.

The Need for a Professional Intervention

Amazingly, many families decide to try to do the interventions themselves without bringing in an professional to ensure success.  For whatever reason, families commonly feel that they have to be the ones to fix their loved one’s addiction.  A drug and alcohol interventionist brings all the personalities of a family together, with all their diverse opinions, and focuses everyone on a single solution that works on a comfortable level.

Change is hard for anyone or any group, even if it is positive change.  Many families say they can’t have a drug and alcohol interventionist come in because they are afraid of the whole process or do not want their loved one who is addicted to become angry with them.  Other families say they do not think the intervention is going to work or that their loved one will not accept the help. 

The purpose of a drug & alcohol interventionist is to direct the addict to want help and to accept accountability for the addiction by comfortably changing the family dynamic. A drug and alcohol interventionist is not there just to inspire your loved one to change; the interventionist is primarily there to put the family back on top with hope and direction.  Your family’s loved one is not going to fix the problem until there is a reason to do so.  An interventionist provides that reason on the family’s terms, not the addict’s or alcoholic’s.

The Addiction Interventionist

Our Family First interventionists all specialize in helping families with their loved ones and their addictions.  Most of the fears that families have about intervention are minimized or removed by having an interventionist present when talking to a loved one.  It is a magical and loving moment when your loved one accepts help and goes off to treatment willingly with the interventionist.  The same cannot be said, however, about the years, months and days leading up to the intervention. 

An interventionist is so much more than the man or woman who talks to your loved one about a treatment center.  We take care of many important things, such as: setting up the intervention; making the arrangements with the treatment center; the transportation of your loved one to the treatment center; and all the education and counseling that occurs before, during, and after the intervention.  As interventionists, we know how much the family is dealing with.  We are here to lift the burden off the family and make change more comfortable for both you and your loved one.

The Alcohol and Drug Interventionist

Although Family First does perform process addiction interventions, we deal primarily with alcohol and drug issues.  Addiction is complex and requires a professional with experience to explain the process and guide you through the steps.  Common misunderstandings include the belief that interventions do not work and that simply talking someone into treatment is enough to make enough substantial change for the family.  An alcohol and drug interventionist can show how to get everyone to share in their own responsibilities, which greatly increases the long-term success of any treatment center.  Merely getting addicts or alcoholics to accept treatment is not enough; the family must change also to increase the overall chance for continued sobriety.

Unless they go to treatment having taken full accountability for their actions, then they’re going for the wrong reasons. Going for the right reasons is what the Family First intervention process provides.