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Do you have a family member who can’t control their drinking habits? Or maybe you are questioning yourself in your own personal happy hour routine? Whatever the situation may be, if you or someone you love is abusing alcohol it may be time for an alcohol intervention.

You should never be ashamed to ask for help for an alcohol problem. Alcohol can be toxic not only to the body, but to your mind as well. Habitual alcohol abusers tend to forget about what’s really important in life. Stop a moment and think of your health of your family. Drinking not only affects the person consuming, but also destroys the lives of those around you.

Does someone in your family need an Interventionist?

Even if you are single, bad drinking habits can have a remarkable toll. Alcohol abuse causes a loss of control, causing you to do things and make decisions you might regret. Many people enjoy a drink or two for fun, but it’s important to remember that alcohol is a depressant. Habitual alcohol abuse has a way of taking the fun out of drinking altogether and just making you feel bad. If you’re drinking just to make it through another day it’s probably time for an alcohol intervention.

Discussing alcohol intervention with a loved one can be extremely difficult. You may say to yourself, “I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Before you say or do anything you need to remember that this is about helping the person you love. You need to be honest and confront the alcohol abuser in your life in order to have a successful addiction intervention. Tiptoeing around the issue won’t do them any good.

Coming Clean with Addiction

Sometimes admitting there is a problem is the hardest thing to do. Even when that problem lies with someone else’s actions. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. The same goes for helping someone else who has that problem. Don’t make excuses, don’t justify their alcoholism. Don’t allow yourself and your family to go through life day after day watching someone destroy every aspect of their life whether it’s their career, family, or friendships. If you feel like someone you know needs help, research more on how to do an intervention and then help them to confront their problems immediately. If you need more information on holding an intervention, family-intervention.com is a great source for help. No matter how or where, just remember you’re there because you love that person – and underneath it all they love you too.

Alcohol intervention
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Mike Loverde

With firsthand experience with addiction, Mike Loverde is now a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), as accredited by the Association of Intervention Specialists and the Pennsylvania Certification Board. He founded Family First Intervention in 2008 and has since helped hundreds of families find intervention and addiction rehabilitation solutions.

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