How Our Family Intervention Services Work

We focus on the Family First and then the Addict

All too often, it is thought that the role of an interventionist is to “just talk” your loved one into treatment. And all too often as well, it is Dad or other family members who think they are the ones who can do it. If that were true, you probably wouldn’t be reading this, and your loved one would be in a treatment center right now.

Speaking to your loved one about treatment and recovery is only one part of several things that must be done to help raise the chance of success. The intervention is not just about, “OK, they said yes to treatment, so now what do we do?”

Before the intervention ever gets off the ground, we put together every piece of the puzzle for you and your family so that not only is the intervention successful, but you understand how the situation became this way and how to prevent it from ever getting this way again. It’s about understanding what to do before, during and after the loved one accepts help and is escorted by us to treatment.

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When consulting with our intervention specialist, there are a number of things that are important to keep in mind and that we will help you with as part of our intervention programs:

  • Your insurance coverage and verification for treatment
  • What level of treatment does your loved one need
  • What treatment center will they be going to, where, why, for how long, and what happens when treatment is over
  • Who needs to be at the intervention, what roles are the family members currently playing, and what will their roles be after the intervention is over
  • Why is nobody on the same page, and why does everybody have a different opinion as to how to go about this
  • How things became this bad and what can we do to fix the situation
  • How the intervention works, where it will be, and why
  • What happens when the intervention is over and the loved one says yes
  • What happens if our loved one first says yes, then no, and wants to leave treatment
  • Where does our loved one go after treatment
  • What happens if our loved one says no; what do we do then
  • Tell me how all this works and what we do next

What to Expect with Our Family Intervention Services

Consulting Family and Close Friends on Addiction

As you can see, this is not about a speech that Dad or the substance abuser’s husband can give to change your loved one’s thinking forever. Intervention counselors are also addiction consultants who hold your hand from the very first phone call all the way through, until you and your family can stand on your own and instinctively make healthy choices as the need arises.

It is going to take an addicted person a long time before he or she can make instinctively healthy choices, something that is learned while in treatment. The intervention provides you with very similar tools to apply so you and your loved one can work together to make sure you never allow this to happen again.

Our drug intervention programs and alcohol intervention programs help address the two addictions going on in the family; those addictions are:

  • Your loved one’s addiction to drugs, alcohol or other
  • The family’s addiction to your loved one (codependency)

And we will also answer these questions:

  • How did this happen?
  • How do we fix it?
  • Tell me how this works.

Addiction Affects the Entire Family

Family Needs Treatment Too. Learn More Below: