How Can Intervention Help with Substance Abuse?

InterventionSubstance abuse destroys family, careers, health, relationships and lives. Alcohol and drug abuse will cause a level of behavior considered detrimental in society that can lead to illegal activities, suicides and possible murders – all in the name of drugs or alcohol. Intervention can be a step in the right direction in getting help for those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Questions of what can intervention do for those with drug and alcohol addictions can be explored in several different ways.

How Intervention Helps

The first benefit in intervention is enabling the addict to focus on what is important. Addicts lose focus with just about everything and the ability to determine priories is compromised and lost. Addicts cannot focus on what should be a priority. Without the proper focus entire families are destroyed and become dysfunctional. The family of an addict is confused how to help or what is now normal. Addicts generally have erratic behaviors and this causes a loss of security within themselves and their families.

Money is a big factor in drug and alcohol abuse. You need money to purchase the substances that feed your addiction and this can lead to thousands of dollars wasted on addictive substances. There has been case after case study where addicts have spent their retirement, their family and friends nest-eggs all in the name of “please help me, I need just one more drink or one more pill.”

Intervention can help the addict by bringing back social skills. Social skills are necessary to improve standards of living, but if drugs and alcohol are abused to the extent that social skills are damaged, there can be no social growth. For example, if the addict is unable to fill out a simple application or is not sober enough to go through a job interview, the opportunity to better him or herself is lost.

An Intervention Can Save Lives

Intervention is a wake-up call and gives the addict the chance to re-organize a broken life. Lost time, resources and opportunities that have been misplaced and let go can never be brought back, but intervention can help the addict find new opportunities and resources. Intervention gives an addict the promise that others will help you recover and become sober.

One of the most important gifts of intervention is giving the addict back their health. Drug and alcohol abuse take their toll on every aspect of health and with intervention; the addict can immediately stop the destruction of their bodies. It is now possible to start the recovery process and healing.

Mike Loverde

With firsthand experience with addiction, Mike Loverde is now a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), as accredited by the Association of Intervention Specialists and the Pennsylvania Certification Board. He founded Family First Intervention in 2008 and has since helped hundreds of families find intervention and addiction rehabilitation solutions.

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