Many of the reasons that people choose to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol are the very same reasons behind addiction relapse during and after treatment and recovery have begun. Insufficient coping mechanisms or inadequate support systems make the difference between success in sobriety and the unfortunate alternative. People in high profile positions or under immense public scrutiny have the same challenges as others fighting the battle of addiction — but with an increased intensity. This is where Executive Intervention comes into play.

High Society Falls Hard

The pressure to succeed in sobriety is more visible in people of power. So is failure. Because their lives are always on display, temptations are readily available throughout the course of their everyday making the commitment to coming clean that much more difficult. In addition, a sense of entitlement can make long term recovery seem unrealistic. For those closest to them, family, friends and business associates, enabling addictive behaviors is often easier than supporting a healthy, sober lifestyle. A more hands on approach goes a long way. It begins and comes full circle with Executive Intervention.

For High Profile Families

If your spouse, partner, parent, adult child or teenager is showing the signs of drug or alcohol addiction to the point that it is unmanageable and tearing the family dynamic apart, it’s time for an Executive Intervention.

We don’t sugar coat the truth. It doesn’t do you or your loved one any favors. Instead, we work with you to assess the current situation, understand the complete picture and set a strategic course for sobriety. It starts with the right detox facility coupled with treatment programs that serve the specific needs of your family member in the interest of making them whole again.

We keep an active pulse on the entire process. From the moment we arrive to engage in the intervention, to the day addiction treatment is completed and sober living is the new norm, we are with you. That’s what makes Executive Intervention different. It’s comprehensive.

Anonymity You Can Bank On

Results matter. And because families and businesses are often the unintended recipients of negative repercussions from active addiction in someone else, putting a tight grip on collateral damage from the disease is paramount. We hold privacy and anonymity in these matters at the utmost esteem. Without it, other aspects of family life and business operations can continue to cascade downward, even after the treatment process begins.

Substance addiction knows no boundaries, which is why we come to where you are, every state, coast-to-coast, including Alaska and Hawaii.

For Employers and Business Managers

Celebrities, public figures, athletes, CEOs and other people in powerful positions affect their business and personal brand, adversely so, when drug or alcohol addiction is evident. The signs of drug dependency are unwittingly showcased on a public stage, encapsulated by paparazzi or shared repeatedly across social media outlets. The sooner we step in, the better – for everyone.

Whether you have concerns about your client and cocaine, Xanax, Vyvanse, alcohol, ecstasy, heroin, or other drug use, we’ve seen it before and understand what’s in front of you. Executive Intervention will help put it in the past.

Before the intervention takes place, we can discuss the process and expectations with key members of your business. If necessary, added measures are put into effect, such as NDAs or other documentation, so that privacy is kept at the forefront of intervention and recovery going forward.

For Reputation Management

In the event that there is a breach in the commitment to addiction recovery, what we refer to as a relapse, either during detox, treatment or aftercare, our interventionists will recoup, reassess and reformulate an approach to begin again.

But more than that, Executive Intervention provides added levels of security that help minimize the risk for relapse. For example, we’ll send multiple interventionists if you believe your loved one is a flight risk or is exhibiting violent or suicidal tendencies.

Should symptoms of alcohol or drug withdrawal already be present during intervention or on the way to detox, we provide 24-hour medical supervision during transport.

Executive Intervention also includes:

  • Companionship during the inpatient stay at a residential facility
  • On-site support after addiction treatment
    • at home
    • while reintegrating back into the workforce
    • at public events and corporate functions

We go wherever stress triggers happen, preventing the risk for relapse while protecting your reputation. Because regaining a stronghold for physical and mental health is invaluable. Executive Intervention brings it all together in one cohesive package.

Anonymity and Companionship Go Hand in Hand

Choose from a suite of services in our Executive Intervention Program, to include:

  • Multiple Interventionists if needed
  • Private transport or first class travel (jet, limousine, etc.) to rehab facility
  • Police escort to rehab, if necessary
  • Licensed RN will medically supervise patient throughout the intervention process
  • Catered meals that support the detox process will be provided during travel to treatment facility
  • Interventionist can safeguard patient at rehab to ensure treatment completion
  • Upon completion of the first week of treatment, interventionist will provide updates to each individual who participated in the intervention
  • Interventionist will escort patient from treatment facility, upon graduation, to their home
  • After treatment completion, patient will meet with interventionist and all participants of the intervention to create a strategy for success in long term recovery
  • Aftercare program will be provided
  • Interventionist will assist in patient’s reintegration of career/workforce and, if recommended, continue on as a sober companion
  • Additional services upon request

The moment you face the truth, you are better able to deal with the consequences. Let us help you have that difficult discussion, renew relationships and restore balance. It happens when you remove active drug and alcohol addiction from your life equation.